Proven Track Record

Sound technological development has enabled TEGA to supply equipment for a vast array of industries and activities:

  • Explosion proof electric hoists and bridge cranes, under U.L.,V.D.E, IRAM standards.

  • Units for marine applications in ships and dockyards.

  • First mover in the supply of equipment for automotive factory lines both in Argentina and Brazil.

  • This technical development has led to many invention patents for devices and equipment which add up to overall safety and reliability.

  • Every unit is projected, designed and manufactured under specific standards through numerical control machine processes and in compliance with I.S.O. 9.000 standards, which ensure utmost user satisfaction and safety.

  • TEGA Research & Development, design, manufacture and customer service comply with F.E.M. (Fédération Européenne de la Manutention), C.M.A.A. (Crane Manufacturers Association of America) and A.S.M.E. (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards.

  • TEGA is an active member of ADIMRA– Asociación de Industriales Metalúrgicos de la República Argentina [Argentine Metallurgic Industrialist Association] and C.A.F.M.E.I. – Cámara de Fabricantes de Máquinas y Equipos para la Industria [Industrial Machine and Equipment Manufacturer Chamber], which represents F.E.M. standards in Argentina.

  • Fluor Arabia Ltda. Bridge cranes were provided for Sadara Chemical Company (ARAMCO & DOW) for the Al-Jubail refinery, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • TEGA exports its products to different countries around the world and supports a service network, representatives and agents across Latin America. Eighty-five percent of its clients are leading companies with the latest technology and manufacturing processes that require no failures at all.

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