First workshop TEGA- Circa 1947
Lanus, Buenos Aires Province


TEGA was funded in the city of Lanus (Province of Buenos Aires) in October 1947 by Mr. Basilio Polijronopulos, as a repairs shop and factory of electrical machinery, including engines, generators, dynamos, alternators. His vision in critical periods such as post World War II, enabled him to expand the area of expertise of this growing company to the design and manufacture of the first line of electrical chain hoists.

Shortly after, the company was exclusively engaged in the design and manufacture of lifting equipment, eventually supplying the full range of industrial lifting and handling equipment: electrical wire rope hoists, electrical and manual chain hoists, bridge cranes, gantry and semi gantry cranes, monorail systems and special equipment for material handling in different areas and operating environments: aggressive environments, explosion proof classified areas (Ex).


TEGA manufactured the first electrical chain hoist in Argentina (photo).


First electrical wire rope hoist.


First company to fit their electric wire rope hoists with a wire rope guideand clamp, patented upper and lower stroke limiting system, dual independent brake system (Weston- TEGA).


Obtained manufacturing license for electrical wire rope hoists from Herbert Morris in the UK.


First company to manufacture modular standardized bridge cranes.


First company to manufacture 3-wheeled bi-rail trolleys (crabs). First company qualified as a supplier of the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission.


License and representation agreement with Verlinde SA, France.


First Argentine company in this field using CAD for product design.


First Argentine company in its field to open a MERCOSUR branch, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


First company in Argentina incorporating CNC machining to manufacture its parts.


First company manufacturing stackers with a modular transfer module worldwide.


Representation agreement with Stahl (Germany) and R&M (U.S.A.)


First Argentine company in this field to obtain ISO 9001 certification.


First company in Latin America to create an Explosion-Proof Equipment Division fully devoted to this type of equipment.


First company in this field in Argentina to use ERP integrated management software.

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